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Baking Extraordinaire

I love to bake. I am really good at it, too. Cooking is wonderful, but nothing beats pulling a sweet, warm dessert out of the oven.

The first time I ever remember baking, my mom let me make sugar cookies by myself. All was going well until I could not find any eggs in the fridge. I did, however, spot some Southwestern-flavored Egg Beaters. I thought that if I picked out the peppers they would be a fine substitute. As you can imagine, I was quite wrong. I promise my skills have improved since then!

My favorite recipe to bake (and probably the best) is chocolate chip banana coffee cake. Oooohhh boy is it good. It is so good that it is the treat all my friends and family request. It is the golden recipe. The cake-y bread, the melted chocolate chips, the crunchy cinnamon-sugar topping…my stomach is grumbling. The most adventurous thing I have made, though, was a Seven-Layer S’mores Cake for my best friend’s birthday.

You guys, this cake was RIDICULOUS. The layers were: brownie, chocolate chip cookie, cheesecake, and graham crackers, all combined with marshmallow frosting and chocolate frosting. And, I made everything completely from scratch. It took me probably five or six hours because everything had to bake and cool and then the pans had to be washed so I could reuse them for the next layer…you get the picture. Another thing you should know about me is that I am the messiest, most haphazard baker. My mom refuses to come into the kitchen while I am experimenting with a new recipe. Something almost always explodes, leaks, overflows, or is dropped, whether it be the food processor or flour or batter. Who cares what the process looks like if the final product is delicious, though, am I right? When I finished the cake and brought it over to my friend’s, her dad told me I should drop the dream of becoming a doctor and enroll in culinary school. That was one successful cake! Here is the cake’s recipe. Enjoy looking at the pictures and if you have a go at the recipe, good luck!

This is one of the pictures from the blog where I got the recipe. All credit, of course, goes to Fat Girl Trapped In a Skinny Body.