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I'm on a Boat: Boat Cruise 2015

What is the best way to end the weekend? I have found the answer: go on a boat cruise! This past Sunday night, along with about a hundred other college students, I had a two-hour long dance party up and down Lake Michigan and the Chicago River. How did I get to do this, you ask? I am part of an organization call Cru​, a Christian group and community.​

One of my best friends and dancing partners, Lauren, and me taking advantage of the skyline.
It is not just found at DePaul, Cru is an international organization. Students from DePaul University, Columbia College, University of Illinois at Chicago, Illinois Institute of Technology, and Harper College attended this event. All of these schools have students involved with Cru, and collectively we are referred to as Cru Chicago. Since none of us individually have huge numbers, like a state school would, we are lumped together. It is great because there is more community. We experienced a lot of the CRUmmunity on the boat CRUise (get it?)! There is nothing like a good pun to truly brighten your day! 

Back to Sunday night: the boat we went on was two stories and we docked right by Navy Pier. We then headed out to Lake Michigan and traveled north and south on the lake, which meant absolutely amazing views of the city. The lake was a little choppy, but that did not get in the way of picture taking or dancing. Thankfully, no one fell in! We then headed back to the river where we boated around downtown Chicago. We had left Navy Pier at dusk, so we experienced the sunset from way out in the lake.  I sometimes forget how beautiful and grandiose Chicago is, especially when school is so busy, but it is evenings like these that remind me. 

I'll never tire of this view!
I feel so blessed to live in this magnificent city! As Frank Lloyd Wright said, “Eventually, I think Chicago will be the most beautiful great city left in the world.” I agree with you, Frank. Nothing one-ups you, Chicago.