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My Favorite Books

As I have posted before, I love to read. It is my favorite pastime. Unfortunately, it is one of the first things to go on the backburner when life gets busy. As much I want to, I cannot justify reading a book for fun when I have got 60 pages to read for another class. However, now that we are nearing on summer break, I will get to indulge in a good book as much as I want, especially when my family goes on our vacation up to Traverse City, MI. I am sure I will bring many new books, but there are the few that have stuck with me throughout time and remain my favorites. I have listed them below, along with a brief plot summary.

•    A Thousand Splendid Suns​ by Khaled Hosseini​. This book tells the stories of Mariam and Laila, two women born a generation apart in Afghanistan. Their lives in Kabul span from the monarchy rule to the communist reign to the Taliban terror. Mariam and Laila form a strong bond that ties them together throughout the dangers around them- both in their home and in Kabul. The book illustrates how the women’s love and commitment to each other and their children transform their lives. 

•    To Kill A Mockingbird​ by Harper Lee​. This classic takes place in rural Alabama during the Great Depression. Lee tells the story of the Finches: young Scout, her older brother Jem, and their father Atticus. Throughout a span of three years, we read of Scout and Jem’s new friend Dill, their attempts to sneak a peek at the town bogeyman named Boo Radley, and the long trial of Tom Robinson, a black man accused of raping a white woman who is defended by Atticus, a lawyer. By viewing these events from 8-year-old Scout’s eyes, we get a unique perspective at the issues of race, class, justice, prejudice, and growing up.

•    Me Before You by Jojo Moyes​. Louisa Clark is an ordinary girl living in a small town in England when
she takes a much needed job caring for Will Traynor, a paraplegic. Before his accident, Will was young, successful, a traveler, and into extreme sports. Now, he is still young and attractive, but is moody, bossy, and depressed. When Louisa refuses to treat him like a victim and shows him that he still has a life worth living, an interesting, fateful relationship blossoms that leads to a heartbreaking ending. 

I have many more favorites, including Harry Potter​ (I did not think that I needed to summarize those!), but these definitely make my top five list. I hope you find the time to dive into a good book this summer! Even if you do not get to go on vacation, a book will take you somewhere new.