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Banter about Bucket Lists

I don’t watch that much television. It is not because I dislike it; I just don’t have the time. However, there are a few shows that I follow: Parenthood, Parks and Recreation, and Bones. All three are very different from each other, so I get nice a taste of drama, comedy, and crime. Because I am so busy during the quarter, breaks are times where I get caught up to the episodes I have missed. I recently have gotten into watching old episodes of Bones (thanks Netflix). 

I was re-watching an episode the other day and one of the topics the episode tackled was having a Bucket List. A Things-I-Want-To-Do-Before-I-Die List. It made me think: what are the things I want to do before I die? This is a very loaded question because there are a multitude of facets that merge to create our lives. That means that within those facets, there can be copious wishes and desires. That makes for a very long and diverse list! There are familial goals: get married, have babies, be loved. Travel goals: see the Yi Peng (Festival of Lights in Thailand), the aurora borealis, the Swiss Alps. Adventurous goals: ride an elephant, float in a hot-air balloon, go snorkeling by the coral reefs. There are career goals, faith goals, school goals, personal goals, and so many other categories.

Yi Peng: The Festival of Lights and one of the items on my Bucket List
After I finished the episode, I became excited to make my list. I am not the type to journal or write creatively, so making a list like this was something I normally would not do and I was surprised that I was so excited to make one. That got me thinking. Is this type of list good to have? Or is it harmful? It is wonderful to have goals, dreams, and aspirations. It is necessary because it gives us something to work towards and be excited about. However, I think creating a Bucket List makes us yearn for the idealistic life and dislike the one we have. Have goals, but live in the moment! Appreciate the everyday occurrences, the sweet moments we have with friends and family, and the seemingly trivial accomplishments. Sure, visiting another country or seeing a famous monument is amazing, but it is the small memories that will accumulate and define our lives. It is becoming quite apparent in today’s society that life is short. Dream to see the big things, but want to experience the small moments.