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Christmas Season

​Guess what?

It is officially November, so you know what that means….it’s Christmas season!

If you should know one thing about me, it is how much I absolutely love Christmas. It is not only my favorite holiday but my favorite time of the year. Yes, it is cold, especially in Chicago, but it is a good kind of cold; the kind that is definitely crisp but not unbearable. The snow is perfectly white. Two words: gingerbread cookies. Christmas decorations and lights are on display and Christmas music is being played everywhere. In fact, I am listening to Christmas music as I write this (Michael Buble Holiday Radio on Pandora…check it out). Christmas movies are found on seemingly every television station. It is truly a beautiful season.

To me, Christmas is not about the presents or the nice, long six week break from school (although those are nice perks). It is the holiday spirit that makes me so happy. It seems like everyone is in a better mood around Christmas time; people are more giving, kind, and cheerful. Everyone is uplifted by a magical force. Christmas also gives us the chance to go home and spend time with those we love, whether it be family or old friends. As college students, that does not happen often. 

Being in Chicago during the Christmas season is awesome. There is so much to do and see. At the end of November there is a parade and tree lighting ceremony on Michigan Avenue, complete with fireworks. In Millennium Park, there is an ice skating rink open. The Macys on State Street is decked out in Christmas cheer. A ton of Christmas-themed plays and ballets are open all over the city. And there is much more. Last year, I went home to Ohio for the whole break, but this year I am staying in Chicago for a few weeks. I cannot wait to explore the city’s holiday gems. 

It is clear that I love Christmas, and it is pretty hard not to living in Chicago. We can miss the true meaning of Christmas as it can get lost in the business of school, money, and life. Take a break from studying and watch a Christmas movie (Elf is definitely the best), bake some cookies, or stomp around in the snow. You will not be sorry. I hope everyone has a truly blessed and magical Christmas season!