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Fall in Chicago!

​I absolutely love Chicago in the fall. Well, I love fall anywhere I am, but it is especially great in Chicago. There is nothing better than walking down the sidewalk and hearing the crunch of the leaves, or riding the trains and seeing all the beautiful, vibrant colors of the trees. Fall is also the time of year when Chicago is not unbelievably humid and hot or bone-chillingly frigid; right now, it is the perfect temperature. That is always a bonus in a city abundant in crazy, fluctuating weather! 

Because Chicago is a great city for foodies, seasonal fall foods can be found far and wide. So many places offer fresh apple cider, caramel apples and almost anything pumpkin. Considering there is basically a Starbucks on every street corner, lovers of the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte are definitely in luck. 

Coming from a small town, it was tradition that my family would carve pumpkins, go apple-picking, and get lost in a corn maze or haunted house. Urban downtown Chicago is not abundant with acres of fields for mazes and fruit, but there are tons of places right outside the city that are perfect for fulfilling everyone’s autumn needs. This weekend I am going apple picking at a farm about an hour outside the city, and I am so excited. I can’t wait to buy a warm glass of cider and smell the fresh air, crisp air. 

Every season in Chicago is amazing because Chicago is amazing, but fall is definitely one of the best. Whether it is the noise of crunchy leaves, the breeze of the cool air, or the abundance of corn stalks decorating the city, experiencing autumn in Chicago is not a disappointment.