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Graduation Season

Graduation season is upon us! I feel like every time I log into Facebook, there are new pictures of high school and college graduates and their families. I remember how fun my own high school graduation was. It was a sunny, warm day outside, my friends were all graduating alongside me, and my family was there to support me. I was valedictorian​, so I got to speak at the ceremony, which was a huge honor. Afterwards, my family and I went out to dinner to celebrate (hello, Cheesecake Factory!). Overall, I had a beautiful day and am excited to see other graduates enjoying their days, as well.

This year is a special one because my sister and two cousins are graduating high school. I feel so old! My one cousin goes to school in North Carolina, but my other one and my sister both go to Chardon​ High School, the same one I graduated from. The ceremony is this weekend and I am excited to go home and see them and celebrate their successes! I have not been home this entire quarter, so this will be an extra special and fun weekend. I am staying in the city this summer to work, but I get to go home for both of their parties, which will also be a great time. Margaret, my sister, will go to Kent State University next fall while my cousin Emma will go to the Ohio State University. OH-IO! 
My sister, Margaret, and me on my graduation day. This year, she will be the one in the cap and gown!

I also have many friends this year graduating from DePaul. There are seven, which seems like so many! It is wonderful to see all of their hard work paying off and it makes me excited for my next two years of school. They are all going off in different directions, which makes me sad, but I know they have been blessed with different gifts and talents and will do amazing things. Even though graduation season is bitter sweet, it also means so many happy times, too. Congratulations to the Class of 2015! All of you will do wonderful things.