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My family has never been big on Halloween. I don’t think it is for any particular reason, but my parents never celebrated Halloween that much. Sure, when my sister and I were little we wore costumes and went trick-or-treating, but that stopped as soon as we got a “little too old” for it. We never decorated, never gave out candy, and never viewed it as a big holiday.

I did love dressing up, though. The two big costumes I remember were Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (I LOVED the red ruby slippers) and Buttercup from PowerPuff Girls (what a gem of a show).

I took a hiatus through the end of elementary school and middle school, but in high school, my school had costume contests. My favorite one I wore in high school was a pun more than a costume. I unwrapped a bunch of Smarties packets and glued the individual candies to an old pair of jeans. I was Smarty Pants! It was the nerdiest best costume ever. This year, I am dressing up with one of my best friends. We are doing the Mom Jeans sketch from Saturday Night Live- again, super punny, super dorky, super awesome.
As you can tell, I think clever costumes are much more fun than buying premade ones from a costume store. They’re so much more comfortable, too! I would much rather wear a pair of worn-in thrift store jeans than an itchy, packaged costume. Halloween in Chicago can be celebrated without the stress and pressure of going out. One of my friends is hosting a low-key costume party and I personally am excited to eat some Twix and pose in the classic Mom Jeans position.