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Let Girls Learn

I have a homework assignment for you guys. Stop whatever you are currently doing and go watch the documentary “We Will Rise: Michelle Obama’s Mission to Educate Girls Around the World.” You can find it at this link

I know, I know, you already have a ton of homework and cannot possibly take an hour out of your day to watch this. I promise, you will not regret staying up a little later or skipping the next episode of Stranger Things to watch this. 

I have to give a final presentation in one of my classes and I am presenting on the education inequality that girls around the world face. I stumbled across this CNN film that names girls’ education a global crisis. There are still 62 million girls worldwide who do not have the opportunity to receive an education. Doesn’t that break your heart? Gender stereotypes, money, safety, and basic health needs prevent girls from going to school. 
Raphina, one of the beautiful girls highlighted in the documentary. She does her homework late at night by flashlight after all of the chores are done. 
This film will open your eyes to the privilege we have here in the United States. All of those barriers that I listed above are things we take for granted here. Public school does not cost money here in the States, but that is not the case in other countries. If a family has to choose between sending their son to school or their daughter to school, they will most likely send the son. Also, girls do not have as good of access to sex education in a lot of developing countries, which affects their schooling experience. Girls are not allowed to go to school when they have their periods, which means they miss one week of school every month. I cannot imagine that happening here in the States. 

I am glad that I was able to watch this film because I am more educated on the lack of education equality in the world, a very important topic that needs to be faced. I am thankful that there are initiatives to shrink the education gap, like the Let Girls Learn campaign started by President Obama and the First Lady, USAID, the Peace Corps, and other agencies and programs. I pray that someday girls everywhere are given equal opportunity to learn. 

So, go watch it! Learn how to help and empower these girls! Do not take your education for granted - we can help be the change.