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Midterms at DePaul

​It is that time of year again: midterms. As DePaul is on quarters rather than semesters, the week of midterms seems to creep up rather quickly. Last year, I didn’t really have many midterms. The chemistry and biology departments do not classify a specific test as a midterm, per se. We had 4 tests a quarter that occurred every 2-3 weeks, so if one happened to fall on Midterm Week it was more of a coincidence rather than a planned event. The midterms I did have were in my non-science classes, like my required Gen-Ed or Spanish classes. 

This year, though, my midterm schedule has done a complete 180º flip. I have so many more papers/tests/lab reports due in this one week than at any time last year. It is stressful for sure, but it helps me to fine-tune my time management and prioritizing skills. Being a Health Science major and in the 3+ Pathways Program would be impossible without these skills, so practicing them as much as possible is key. They will carry over to medical school and beyond.

It is also essential to know when your limit has been reached. There comes a point where so much studying and homework has been done that the mind does not function anymore. Humans were not meant to work 18 hours a day without a break or substantial food. Shoving a few granola bars and an apple down your throat throughout the day is not a meal that will fuel your body for ridiculous amounts of study. It is not slacking off to curl up on the couch with a home-cooked meal and an episode of Gilmore Girls or Bones for an hour. It is nourishment and a break from constant stress and work. With good fuel, your body can then head back over to the JTR (John T. Richardson) library for some more of work. At least this work will be done with a satisfied stomach and “Where You Lead” stuck in your head.