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Welcome Back!

Welcome back! Wow, I cannot believe that school is starting again. I feel like I just turned in my last final from this past year!

Ocean City Group
I had an amazing summer and am feeling refreshed and excited to start another school year. As a reminder, I spent the summer in Ocean City, NJ with 100 other college students on a mission trip with Cru, a Christian organization on DePaul’s campus and on campuses around the country.

While in Ocean City, we all got jobs at different places around the island, learned a lot about the
Lord and about ministry, and did a lot of outreach on the boardwalk. I made lifelong friendships and grew a lot - it was an awesome summer!

However, I am now back to reality as school started on Wednesday. It’s my senior year I cannot believe I am almost done with my undergraduate degree! These past three years have gone by so quickly and have been some of the most impactful and fruitful years of my life, and I expect nothing less from my fourth and final year.

This quarter is turning out to be a really busy one18 credits, a paid research position, leadership with Cru, applications for grad school and STINT (yearlong international ministry program with Cru). It’s going to be crazy, but I’m really excited to see all that this year will bring me and what my life will end up looking like. I graduate in 9 months - eek!!

I hope you will continue to read my blog as I write about school, my experiences, and my adventures around Chicago!