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Ohio Visit

I ventured on the Megabus this past weekend and made a long overdue visit back to my hometown, Chardon, Ohio. 

I hadn’t been home since May, so I was really looking forward to seeing my family, my dogs, and enjoying the nice fall weather in a small town setting. My best friend Stephanie joined me for the weekend, and it was really fun getting to show her where I grew up and for her to be a part of my Ohio life. 

Pumpkin Patch
Every year, my family hosts a huge Fish Fry (no, not a pun on our last name). My dad goes on a few fishing trips every year with his friends and they collectively catch enough fish to feed over 100 people, meaning our house was the place to be on Saturday night. I hadn’t seen a lot of the people who came in a really long time, so it was nice to catch up. 

Oh, it was so nice to be out of the city for a long weekend. I absolutely love Chicago, but the craziness and energy of the city can be tiring sometimes. It was a joy to be in a slow, quiet town for a while and cuddle with my dogs. Stephanie and I went to a pumpkin patch one afternoon and it was glorious. When I sniffed the air outside, it smelled like leaves, which was awesome. I’m back in reality now, but a weekend back in Chardon was the perfect treat and made me really excited for this fall season.