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My Residence Hall Experience

When I officially decided I was going to attend DePaul, I knew that I needed to figure out where I was going to live. I wanted to live on campus because I grew up pretty far away in Ohio. My knowledge of Chicago and the amount of people I knew coming into DePaul were both slim, so I wanted to live in a dorm because I knew it would help me make friends and help my adjustment to DePaul be the best it could be.

When I had visited DePaul, they did not show all the dorm buildings. The housing website online was really helpful when I was ranking my housing choices because it showed pictures, dimensions, and features of all the dorm halls. I ended up being placed in Munroe Hall. That was the dorm hall that we slept in during orientation, so I was happy that I was already a little familiar with the layout. Plus, it did not have community bathrooms, which I knew I did not want.

A view of McCabe Hall and Chicago's skyline
Move-in day was a little overwhelming but I loved being able to decorate my room, meet my roommate and suitemates, and get to know other people on my floor. The dorm rooms in Munroe are situated around the outside of each floor in a rectangle with the elevators in the middle, so it was easy to become familiar with everyone who lived on the floor. 

I loved living in Munroe my freshman year. I made a lot of friends that I know I will be friends with for a long time. The dorm hall was pretty close to all the buildings on campus so I never felt isolated, and the rooms and bathrooms were fairly spacious. 

I recommend living on-campus during freshman year because it is so easy to meet a lot of great people and establish a community setting. I love my apartment now, but I still sometimes miss the comradery that existed on my floor last year. My residence hall experience my freshman year was a great one and helped make that year memorable.