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My Visit to RFUMS

This past weekend I visited Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFUMS), the school I will most likely attend to study medicine. I am in the Pathways Program at DePaul which partners with RFUMS and gives students special opportunities to observe, shadow, and have experiences throughout the health care field. Within the Pathways Program, I am pursuing the Accelerated Degree 3+ Option. Essentially, I do three years of undergraduate school at DePaul, my fourth year at DePaul and my first year at RFUMS are combined, and then I complete my final three years of medical school. I get to complete my schooling in seven years instead of eight, which saves quite a bit of money and helps me achieve my dream of being a doctor in less time!

RFUMS had an open house this past weekend, which is why I visited. It is a 45-minute drive north in a town called North Chicago, which is near Lake Bluff and Lake Forest. I took the Metra, though, because I don’t have a car with me at school. Thankfully, I went with my friend Katie and we were able to figure out directions and ticket-buying (we were definitely not familiar with the Metra). At the open house, we got to speak with representatives of each program that RFUMS offers, as well as representatives from housing, student involvement, and financial aid. Then, we split off into smaller groups depending upon our interests. I went to talks about Allopathic Medicine (which is the kind of medicine I want to study) and Nutrition, Wellness, and Prevention. Both were interesting, informative, and made me excited to start my medical training. We then got a tour of the school, which was nice to see. It is a lot smaller than DePaul so I’m sure I will be able to get my bearings much quicker!

I am happy I decided to attend the open house. It was a really early, cold morning and Metra was kind of a pain, but I got to see a glimpse at what my future will hold and that put all the stress and school work that I have now into perspective. In a year and a half I will be in medical school! That is crazy to think about, and without the Pathways Program I would not have any of these opportunities. It is these moments that make me so thankful that I chose DePaul. I have included links to RFUMS and the Pathways Program. Enjoy!

This is Rosalind Franklin, the woman who the university is named after. She made amazing discoveries in the structure of DNA, but her work was stolen by James Watson and Francis Crick and was never rewarded the credit for her discoveries.