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Midterms are kind of weird at DePaul. Finals week is a definitive, set week that is the last week of the quarter. Midterms, though, are not really scheduled for a specific time. I have had midterms during week 4, week 7, and one of my friends even has had one during week 9! I do not necessarily mind that, though, as it spreads out when I have exams or papers due. However, this quarter, my midterms were not screwing around. I had all of mine this past week: two tests, three papers, and a presentation. I tip my hat to you, Midterms.

It definitely was a rough week, but I was determined to make it manageable. My body is basically incapable of pulling an all-nighter, so I knew I had to be ahead of the game. I worked ahead, studied what I needed to, and did not save anything for the last minute. While I certainly could use a nap, I think it was pretty successful this week.

I think this attitude I adopted for midterms is something I should be doing all year. I have certainly saved many things until the last minute, and all that causes is stress and anxiety. I remember cramming for a biology test last year until 3:00 in the morning. I ended up having to drink something with caffeine, which I usually don’t drink- I don’t like coffee or pop. I felt awful afterwards, but I still had to keep pushing through. Needless to say, I did not do as well on that exam as some of my others. However, the exams that I studied for in advance and really prepared for were some of my highest exam scores. Really, this is all common sense, but I think for some reason it is somehow lost in the busyness and stress of school.

School does not have to be the big dread that we sometimes make it. In reality, we are super blessed to have the chance to get a higher education. Only 7% of the world’s population has a college degree. That really shows how lucky we are and how we should not waste our education. So, yes, organic chemistry might be the worst thing to ever exist, but at least I had the opportunity to take it and learn something. School will fly by and then we will be real adults (gosh, so scary), so I am determined to make the most of the education I am fortunate enough to get.