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Springtime in Chicago

Now that spring break is over, it is time to get into the swing of school again. Spring quarter has begun, and only 10 weeks stand in the way of summer! That somehow makes the quarter seem a lot more manageable. Spring quarter is infinitely better than winter quarter, not just because of the lack of snow and bitter winds, but because there is so much to do around Chicago. Now that the weather is improving, I have actual motivation to leave my apartment and explore the city. It is amazing how much warm breezes and sunshine make the soul happy. Below I have listed some of the must-do activities that take place this spring in our newly awakened city.

•    The beach. Chicago has miles of beautiful lakefront to explore. Thankfully, most of the lakefront also has beach access​. I’ve been to the Fullerton beach and North Avenue beach, but I know there are many other amazing ones. And what better place to lie in the sand than with the city view in the background? 

•    Enjoy the parks. Chicago is full of beautiful parks: Lincoln Park, Oz Park​, Millennium Park​, Grant Park​, the Maggie Daley Park​…I could keep going. Now that the weather is improving, take advantage of it and go outside! I love reading a good book and people watching, but you could hang out with friends, do homework, have a picnic…again, the opportunities are endless!

The highlight of Millennium Park: The Bean!
•    Take advantage of random events. Just on Facebook this past week, I have seen event pages made for a ginormous book swap in Old Town, a vintage garage sale off the Argyle red line stop, and a massive kite flying festival on Montrose Beach. These types of events are the really cool, memorable ones. They are unique, interesting, and bound to make a fun impact on your day. 

•    Ice cream. Ice cream is the essence of summer, but why wait until then to enjoy? Chicago has a bunch of delicious ice cream places: Annette’s, Jeni’s​, Ghirardelli, Oberweis, Margie’s Candies​…there is even a neighborhood guide to the best ice cream places in Chicago. Go get yourself a big ole’ cone and indulge in some creamy goodness!

Chicago is obviously full of many more wonderful outdoor activities to try now that the weather is improving, but these are the ones that I am the most excited for. It is an amazing time of the year- don’t waste it!