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Taking the Opportunity to Study Abroad

A beautiful little guy I met at the clinic in Honduras
Studying abroad in college is always something I have wanted to do. It is such the perfect time to do it and usually, you get course credits for doing so. So far, I have not studied abroad, but I have gotten the opportunity to travel outside the country with different organizations on campus and gosh, it just makes me want to travel so much more! I went on a medical brigade to Honduras with Global Brigades in the December of my freshman year and we set up a temporary clinic to give medical treatment to the rural Honduran people. Then, this past December, I traveled to Ecuador with Cru and we went on a few of the college campuses in Guayaquil and shared and talked with the students.  

Both of these trips were amazing experiences. My worldview has widely expanded as I was able to see how people outside of the United States live. The Hondurans and Ecuadorians were so loving and thankful for all they had, even if it was not much. It certainly made me think about how blessed I am back in America and how it is so silly that we let money and objects define and fuel our lives. I made friends in Ecuador who I still talk to today and they keep me grounded and remind me of what is really important. Both of these trips have changed my life and as I think about my schedule for my upcoming junior year, I think it is the perfect time to study abroad.

I have always wanted to study abroad somewhere in Europe and considering that I am a Spanish minor, preferably Spain. It is a gorgeous country rich in history, culture, and good food. I have a few friends who are studying in Spain and their pictures are amazing. Plus, they can easily leave and spend the weekend in Paris or Morocco or Switzerland. Casual, right? How cool would that be? However, to my surprise, the DePaul program that has stood out to me the most is the study abroad trip to Mérida in Mexico. It is during next year’s winter quarter (goodbye Chicago winter, hello Mexico), I would finish the requirements for my minor, and I would experience so many cool things throughout the ten weeks I would be there. I currently am in the process of applying, and I pray it works out! It is an amazing opportunity and would be a wonderful experience. Once you begin traveling, you never want to stop!