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Theater in Chicago

I am one of the least musically talented people to exist. I mean, I can sort of play the piano (I used to take lessons) and I can semi-carry a tune, but make me do those things in front of a crowd and I will most certainly get booed out. I’m sure my neighbors don’t appreciate my (loud) shower voice. Hey, I try my best. I do, however, have a lot of musically talented friends, which makes me feel vastly inferior. To name a few, I have one friend who is an opera major at DePaul, one who was admitted to the Chicago College of Performing Arts, and one who is in The Theatre School at DePaul. Even though I have no talent in that area, I have grown up with friends who do have talent and who have been in many shows and performances. I think these wonderfully talented friends are the reason that I have such an appreciation and awe for theater and people who can sing and act so fantastically. 

My grandmother and I have made it a tradition to go see a show in downtown Cleveland every summer. We leave extra early and have dinner at one of the restaurants in Little Italy and then grab dessert at this lovely little place called Presti’s Bakery. I get a chocolate-covered cannoli and she gets a chocolate
Grandma Shirley and I after seeing The Lion King.

macaroon, every time, and goodness, are they delicious. Then, we drive on over to Playhouse Square and enjoy watching people vastly more talented than us. So far, we have seen The Lion King and Million Dollar Quartet. Side note- if you ever get that chance to see The Lion King on Broadway, DO IT. It is an perier the show is. 

Coming to Chicago, I was excited that I would get the chance to see many more shows. Last May, two of my friends came out to Chicago for the weekend and we got rush tickets to see Motown, which was amazing. All the songs were popular ones from the Motown music era of the 1960’s, so it was really fun to recognize a lot of them and see them performed so well. Later that May, two different friends came out at we saw The Sound of Music at the Lyric Opera House. We had seats that were really high up, but the opera house was built so that the higher up the seat is, the better the acoustics are. Gosh, it was beautiful. 

This year, my best friend, Lauren, and I are trying to get lottery tickets to see The Book of Mormon. I have heard from many people how funny and great the show is, so we are excited to hopefully get tickets. I highly recommend taking advantage of all the opportunities in Chicago to see performances. There certainly are other venues to see shows besides the expensive ones downtown. I believe it truly highlights the amazing gifts that we have all been given. Some people are gifted at science, some at journalism, but the ones in theater definitely have the gift of music.