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Working with UrbanSitter

Ever since I was in seventh grade, I have been babysitting. I love everything about children: their silliness, smiles, laughs, curiosity, and hugs. When I came to DePaul, I knew I wanted to continue finding families to work for. It is the best job, especially for a college student. You essentially make your own hours, as you can accept or decline jobs as your schedule permits. Also, I love growing close to a family because it gives me a warm, loving place to be that usually combats the loneliness or stress that comes with college life.  

Because I am not from Chicago, I did not really know how I was going to find families to babysit for. There were a couple job postings on one of the bulletin boards in the Student Center​ that I had luck with, but I did not really find a lot of jobs until I joined an online site. There are a few babysitting websites in Chicago, but the one I chose is called UrbanSitter​. It was one of the best decisions I made, as I have gotten so many jobs and contacts from this website.

As a potential sitter, you set up a profile containing an introductory paragraph, past experience, hourly rates, and the neighborhoods you are willing to work in. Your profile goes through a screening process and if accepted, you then update your availability for parents to see or apply to jobs already posted. It is really easy and once you meet a family on UrbanSitter, it is likely you will stay in contact and sit for them again. I have many repeat families that I love sitting for that I found on UrbanSitter.  It is a great way to make money on that random Friday or Saturday night where you don’t have plans. You essentially get paid to play with kids and then after they go to bed, watch TV or do homework. UrbanSitter is also great if you are looking for a part-time, weekly job. I have had a wonderful experience with UrbanSitter and I recommend it if you are looking to babysit in Chicago.