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Visiting Home

​The first week in October, I was blessed with the opportunity to go home. I’m from a small town in Northeast Ohio called Chardon that is about seven hours away from Chicago, so I do not get to visit that often. In fact, last year I did not go home at all except for breaks. In a way, not being close to home is a good thing because I do not get super homesick or behind on homework, but lately I have definitely missed Chardon and my family.

Chardon, like I said, is a small town. We are 15 minutes away from Lake Erie, 20 minutes from Amish Country, an hour from Cleveland. We are known for maple syrup and snow. Chardon is absolutely beautiful in the fall, so I was glad I got to go home when I did. Every year, my parents host a giant Fish Fry. My family has a boat, so my dad and his friends go out on Lake Erie and up on Lake Chautauqua in New York and catch a huge amount of fish. At the Fish Fry, the fish gets cooked and about 120 people come over for a celebration of fall, football, fish, fire, and friends. It is a super fun evening and I was so happy to attend this year as I was unable to last year. Tradition is very important to me, and the Fish Fry is an annual Fisher event. 

I got to see my dogs that weekend, too, which was amazing. My dogs are my favorite things on this planet and cuddling them makes everything seem right! My flights got messed up from Chicago to Cleveland, so I ended up only getting a few hours of sleep on the Friday morning I went home and had to leave to get to Midway at 4:00 AM. Needless to say, getting home away from the chilly fall air and snuggling under a blanket for a nap with my dogs was the perfect remedy for a stressful couple days and an incentive to get through the rest of the quarter.

Me and one of my dogs, Oreo.