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Whole Foods

Almost a month ago, DePaul received a gift: a Whole Foods​. And boy, it is a wonderful gift. We were in desperate need of a grocery store. Going shopping was becoming a chore. I did not mind walking the 0.7 miles (yes, I mapped it) to the Trader Joe’s/Aldi combo on Clybourn Avenue or even taking the Fullerton bus to Jewel Osco. But after buying a huge cartload of groceries, was I really going to lug all those bags back? Heck, no. I almost always took a taxi back to my apartment and let me tell you, that was becoming an unnecessary expense. So, imagine my excitement when Whole Foods opened a mere two blocks away from my apartment. Exciting stuff, guys!

When I first heard last year that a Whole Foods was coming, I was less than enthused. An overpriced, health nut grocery store? No, thank you. However, I have had some health issues these past few months that have required me to change my diet. Guess what store was the best place to shop at? That’s right, Whole Foods. My original impression of Whole Foods certainly was wrong.  I had to trek out to the Whole Foods by North and Clybourn, but this one is so much more convenient. 

The view looking out to DePaul from the top window of Whole Foods
Yes, Whole Foods is a little expensive. But I have realized I am paying a little more for food that is a lot fresher and better tasting. The produce section at Whole Foods is amazing and the quality of the produce is way higher than other grocery stores that I have been to. Every time I go to Whole Foods I stumble upon a food item that I have never heard of or tried before, and it definitely is widening my taste bud horizon. Also, their prepared food section is incredible. They have a wide variety of hot foods, soups, salads, sandwiches, desserts, and sushi that taste really good and are so convenient. I have stopped at Whole Foods numerous times to grab a quick lunch or dinner and the great thing is that I know exactly what I am putting into my body. Whole Foods has been a superb addition to Lincoln Park and the DePaul community and I know it will be widely visited and praised. ​