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High School versus College

If you plan to go to college in hopes of getting a similar experience to your high school days, you are wrong. There are many more differences than similarities in going to college.
To begin, you are given more independence. For example, you can set you schedule and choose your classes every quarter. Instead of having a counselor looking over your shoulder, you make the schedule of your dreams with the classes you want. You also make the decision of going to class or not. Missing class at DePaul is not recommended. Since the class sizes are so small you will probably have a message from your professor asking where you were. If you do not live at home, you also have the independence to eat what you want, clean what you want, and sleep where you want. Remember, that hygiene and health are pivotal to your well-being, especially in college.
You also have a lot of "free time". This is in quotations because free essentially means that you have extra time to do what you want with your time. College is all about making experiences and learning. It is up to you to utilize that free time and make the most of it. Luckily, DePaul makes it very easy for you to use your free time based on all of the clubs and activities that it has.


The other major difference is the diversity of people at college versus high school. Whereas in high school you mostly see people from your hometown or surrounding areas, in college you meet people from all over the nation and world. This mesh of cultures makes the college experience that much better and gives you the opportunity to meet people with different religions, experiences, and cultures than the ones you are familiar to you.
At the end of the day, college is what you make of it so be sure to make the most of it.