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A Free Exercise Class

I do my best to exercise every day. It is a way to keep myself sane after a long day of class and studying. My freshman year, I was all about running all of the time. I would run with my friends and by myself. However, during my sophomore year I injured my foot so I had to lower my running distance and find a new way to exercise and relax.
Recently, I have really gotten in spinning classes at DePaul. I usually go once or twice a week and thoroughly enjoy it. I have done it so much that I am considering becoming trained as an instructor in the future. I also tried swimming but it was not my cup of tea. However, I know a lot of people that like it and are much faster than me. I am also taking a two credit Fitness and Conditioning class to get a better understanding of fitness and to learn how to mix up my workouts.
Chicago is big. Being one of the largest cities in the United States, there are tons of gyms. Most gyms give you the opportunity to try them out before paying anything; therefore, it gives you the opportunity to see the different gyms and get a feel for different ways to work out at different types of gyms.
Today my friends and I went to a free boxing class at Title Boxing in Lincoln Park. It was a blast, even though it was extremely draining and difficult. Learning all of the different punches and kicks was hard but fun. It really looks a lot easier than it actually is. It didn’t help that one of my friends did Taekwondo so she blew me out of the water.  I would definitely do it again.