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Tim Littman

Hi everyone! My name is Tim Littman. I am currently a senior here at DePaul, which makes me sound very old; but the oldest are also the wisest.

I am an Accounting major with interests in Real Estate, Architecture, and Art History. Throughout college, I have changed my double major, minor, and double minor so many times I have lost count. I have worked many jobs within DePaul, outside of DePaul, and because of DePaul. Beginning next summer I will be working at a Big Four accounting firm in the city.

I am also an avid runner. I have ran throughout the city and can honestly say that it is one of the best ways to see the city. You can also find me taking multiple spin classes each with at the Ray. I am on two intramural teams at DePaul, both of which we consistently get second place in.

Originally from California, I possess many of the stereotypes of a typical Californian. I enjoy long walks on the beach and sunsets. I prefer the color red to any other color unless red is too lightly hued, then I prefer blue. I love the San Francisco 49ers and the San Francisco Giants. Garlic bread, frozen yogurt, and avocados in my top five favorite foods.

I have really appreciated my time at DePaul and in Chicago. I think it is a great place to spend four years of your life and I would recommend any person to come check out DePaul and see what the school is all about!