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Communities at DePaul

One word that you hear a lot in college is network. On your path through college, you meet tons of people. All of these people have different importance to you. They could be best friends, professors, or classmates to name a few. I find it very fun meeting new people and I get to do that every day at DePaul. Many of the people you meet are through the various communities you become a part of.

One of the biggest communities you are a part of is in regards to your living situation. Whether you are in the commuter community or the living on campus community, there always happens to be a connection in regards to your living situation. This is especially the case with the dorms at DePaul.

Another place where many communities form are in your classes. I have had many classes where, by the end of class, everyone in the class was friends and knew each other. I have found that having a community like that makes the learning process easier and better. One class where this especially happens is in your Discover and Explore class. Because there is so much experimental learning in these classes, you really get to know your classmates.

The many organizations and extracurricular activities you take part in also create small communities. These are some of the closest communities I have at DePaul because you’re in that community because you initially have something in common. For example, being involved in an accounting organization means you have a similarity in major, etc. Some of these communities have gotten me on campus jobs as well as internships and leadership positions.

Forming these communities are crucial for your college experience. I honestly feel that without the communities I am involved with at DePaul, I would not have learned the amount that I did. Not only do these communities add to your network, they are your support group and help you excel by pushing you in the right direction.