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My Religion Class/ Contemporary Moral Ethics/ a Marxist Pope?

By Tim Littman / May 12, 2014 / / Twitter / Facebook /
Before coming to DePaul, I attended a public high school; therefore, I had no religion classes at my school. Being the Catholic school that DePaul is, I knew I was going to have to take religion classes, which I was a bit nervous about. I soon noticed that the religion classes that DePaul offers are not your typical religion classes. Like many of DePaul's classes, they tend to focus on current issues rather than just looking at the past.

When looking for a religion class, the one class that most caught my eye was a class called "Contemporary Moral Ethics: A Marxist Pope?". It not only caught my interest because it was about Pope Francis, who is an incredible person, but also because it was about economic systems and how they are affecting our current world.

Our professor is Father/Dr. Benson. With seven degrees, I think he is qualified to teach anything he wants. If I could describe him in one word it would be cultured. He has been around the world and has learned everything there is to know about religion, science and ethics.

The class is designed to be about half lecture and half discussion. It is based on a comment made on Rush Limbaugh's radio station when he accused Pope Francis of being a Marxist.  In the class, we have studied Pope Francis by reading Evangelii Gaudium, which is a book he wrote about his preachings. We are now reading Capitalism and Christianity, American Style, which talks about how Christianity and the American economy are intermingled. These books really complement the class well and I would recommend both to anyone interested in the topic.

There are a few things I know I will take from this class:
1) Pope Francis is awesome. He is someone I definitely do and will
        continue to look up to and appreciate.

2) Economics is not just graphs and numbers: it is cultures and ideas meshed together with the government and the environment.

3) With every decision you make, be sure to critically evaluate and ensure that it is right not only for yourself, but for your friends, community, and family.


By Tim Littman / April 21, 2014 / / Twitter / Facebook /
It seems as if when many people look at DePaul, they think religious. Sure, we are the largest Catholic university in the United States and yes, being Vincentian is one of our core pillars, but hearing these words should not steer away any student from DePaul. There is more to religion than going to church and that idea is embraced at DePaul.

First of all, the Vincentian order was founded along the ideals of St. Vincent DePaul. Vinny dedicated himself to the poor in France, teaching them, feeding them, and telling them about Catholicism.

Tying this to DePaul, the university was founded to allow the marginalized in Lincoln Park, which used to be a very poor neighborhood, to get a quality education. Even today, education is a top priority of the university. That is why professors, not TA's, teach almost every class at DePaul.

DePaul also embraces the idea of doing community service and understanding what is happening in our local community. Many of our classes are geared toward understanding realities of society. There is also a plethora of volunteer opportunities and service trips that you can go on through DePaul.

You should not look at DePaul's religious identity as a negative aspect. The effects are extremely positive for every DePaul student. This creates a positive, effective environment for any college student to learn.

5 Things to Do over Spring Break

By Tim Littman / April 2, 2014 / / Twitter / Facebook /
You are given a week of freedom. What are you to do during that week? This is a list of five options I would recommend to you.

1. Go on a Service Trip

DePaul offers many service immersion trips that you can do over Spring Break. I have gone on two of them and they have been awesome trips that I would recommend to anyone.

2. Go home and visit your family

It is great to spend a week at home with you family and friends. Spring Break is a break so you should take a load off and do something that will give you the chance to relax and enjoy yourself.

3. Go spend a week at one of your friends schools

Not all schools have the same Spring Break as DePaul does. If you do have some friends at different colleges, it is a good opportunity to go visit them. There you can hang out with them, maybe sneak in to one of their classes as well as check out a different university.

4. Stay in Chicago

Sometimes a staycation is all you need to relax. If you stay at DePaul, you can relax, maybe get some spring cleaning done and rejuvenate yourself for Spring Quarter.

5. Vacation

SPRING BREAK!!! If you are a person that wants to go to Florida, Cancun, anywhere that has been in a Spring Break movie, go do it. Whether it be on land or on a cruise, make your Spring Break your Spring Break.