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My First Tax Class

By Tim Littman / April 15, 2014 / / Twitter / Facebook /
As my junior year comes to a close, I am beginning to take some of the more difficult classes for my major. One of those classes is tax. As I have come to find out, tax is one of those courses that you either love or hate. Some people find joy in filing returns, learning tax code, and saving their clients money. Others have trouble wrapping their head around the subject and would probably rather take any other class than tax. Even though I have just started taking this class, I have noticed that there are many things that I enjoy about the subject.
For one, I really like that it is very relatable to current situations. I recently filed my tax return and noticed many things went hand in hand with my class. Taxes are very important in every American's life. Learning how they work is very interesting. It is one thing to know you have to pay taxes every year and another thing to know and understand why you pay taxes and what your taxes are doing for you.
When looking at tax code, it is very easy to get bogged down in the numbers and rules and laws that make up the code; however, when you take time to really dissect the information, it can be extremely interesting. What I really like about this class is that we are not just memorizing information. We are critically analyzing the code and understanding why it is what it is. Not only am I able to understand the code better, I know why I pay what I pay.
I think that it is extremely important that you take classes that are relatable to your future. Many students, in my opinion, don’t understand taxes. Some probably have not been in the position to care. But, looking to the future, I know that taxes will be a part of life, whether good or bad. As Ben Franklin said, 'In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."