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How to Deal with a Difficult Quarter

​​One accounting class is a lot. Two accounting class is near crazy. This quarter I have the pleasure of taking two accounting classes at the same time. Most students that major in accounting spread their classes out so they only have one accounting class every quarter. Luckily, I have learned how to deal with taking multiple tough classes at once. 

Below are a few tips on how to cope with a tough quarter:

1) Acknowledge that you have a tough quarter
​No quarter is going to be a walk in the park; but, it is up to you to understand and acknowledge when one quarter is going to be hard. Being able to do this can get you mentally prepared.

2) Have some scheduling tool
​​​Whether this be a written planner or something on your phone, be able to organize what you are doing so you don’t forget anything. Even though this is a good idea for any quarter, it is pivotal for the difficult ones.

3) Stick to study plan
​In college there are a ton of distractions. Make sure that when you have a date with the library, treat it as a date: be early and don’t leave until the date is done.

4) Do not take important things out of your life to do well
​Even though you are going to be busy, don’t stop going to the gym, calling your mom/dad, talking to your friends, or having fun. Obviously you have to find time to study, etc., but make sure what you move around or get rid of is not something important.