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​One of the Alumni Association’s current affinity events is called #DPUlove. Even though I am not a crazy social media guy, I really like DePaul and think that it is important to communicate and share experiences you have with other people; hence, why I blog and why I am blogging about the #DPUlove campaign.

What do I love most about DePaul? I love that every week brings new experiences where I can learn and develop. Whether this be because it is in a city, the diversity, or the professors, I always am experiencing amazing things and am very appreciative of that. 
The experience you get from DePaul is different for every person. Some people love certain events or a certain organization. Others love the dorms or the service opportunities. Whatever the case may be, DePaul has a way of creating an education where any student can thrive and exercise their passions. 

I love DePaul and all it has taught and given me.