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My Fall Freshman year

​As a senior you begin to say “remember when” and reminisce about your experiences in college. I have had some of my most vivid memories of college during my freshman year in the fall. Here are some of my most vivid memories.

1) My Discover class:
The discover class I took was called City on a Lake. In this class, we discussed why Chicago is where it is and discussed how the environment affects the city. I am still friends with people in the class and hang out with some of them on a regular basis.  I remember going canoeing on the Chicago River. There was a day where we went and got a tour of the lakefront. There was also a time I was asking a question and referred to Lake Michigan as an “ocean” instead of a “lake” and was hassled for the rest of the class because of it.

Here you can see beautiful Lake Michigan
2) The trip to my friend’s cabin in Wisconsin
Having second homes in California is pretty foreign, or at least not as popular. If you live in the city, many families have second homes that they go to in order to escape from the hustle and bustle. On the drive up, I don’t think I had ever seen more colors in the trees. I also saw one of the most memorable sunsets ever. I guess it showed me what a real Midwestern fall was like. I also tried Culver’s for the first time. Because of Culver’s, my life changed for the better. My health, not so much. Lastly, I learned what a rural Wal-Mart was like. It was quite an experience.

Wisconsin is actually a beautiful state
3) Corn hole
This was the first time I had ever played corn hole (also called bags). Midwesterners really take this game seriously. Luckily, with my friend Tom’s and my top-notch precision, we won most times. My friends Remy and Dan, who were our main rivals, were seen losing time and time again (the not so dream team). We took the game seriously and were a non-celebrity shot league (cough cough my friend Delaney) and play all the time on the quad, even in the wettest of Fall days.

Most people in this region are corn hole masters
4) Tutoring at St. Columbanus
In high school I did a lot of community service and one of the big draws for me to DePaul was the importance DePaul placed on community and giving back. I was happy to see that there were tons of community service opportunities through DePaul. Some of my friends and I, each week, would head down to the south side of Chicago and tutor a fifth grade class. The teacher actually was a DePaul graduate, which was very nice. The experience was fun. From hearing all the fifth grade gossip to reflecting during the car ride back, the entire experience was very memorable for me.

Here is Chicago. The school is far south of the Loop.
5) Farmers’ Markets
I was worried coming to Chicago that there would be no farmers’ markets here. Boy was I wrong. There are so many in the area. I remember my freshman year being in shock by how much cheese and how many apples they had there. The entire experience was and still is fun for me. Being a huge fan of honey crisp apples, I am in heaven every time I go.

This is my weekly farmers’ market