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How to Make a Good First Impression

​Professors are resources. They do more than just teach you. They can help you with career advice, be great mentors, and provide you with seasoned life lessons. To get all of these great things, it always helps to be on the professor’s good side. Here are some things that you can do to ensure that you give a good first impression to the professor.

Step 1: Get to class on time or early
​It is crucial that you are in class on time. Especially if it is an important or difficult class, the professor will start lecturing right when the class begins. Running in late is obnoxious and can be easily alleviated by catching the earlier train or hitting the snooze button one less time

Step 2: Be active and aware
It is one thing to be in class and another thing to be actively listening and participating in the discussion. Let’s face it, professors know if you do not care. They know if you are actually taking notes on your computer or if you are just tweeting about how bored you are.

Step 3: Make a connection
​In my opinion, this is most missed step, the hardest step, and the most important step. If you are able to go to the professor and show interest, share a commonality, or ask a question after or before class, it will show your interest and desire to have a personal relationship with your professor.

College is more than just sitting in class all day. You need to take advantage of everything that DePaul gives you. Every student wants something different out of college. It is important that you look a professor as a resource and not an obstacle.