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5 Apps All DePaul Students Should Have

​We are in the age of the app. Almost anything nowadays has an app that someone can use to tackle a problem. Even DePaul has an app! Here are my top five apps that I would recommend all DePaul students utilize.

1) Spotify
If you don’t have Spotify yet, you should definitely jump on the bandwagon. It is a great app to get all of your music and stay focused while you are studying, going to the gym, or taking the train.

2) Transit Stop
Especially if you take the train a lot, this is a perfect app to help you get around the city. It searches nearby transit centers and will give you approximate arrival times of trains and buses in the area. If you use Transit Stop, Google Maps, and Lyft, you will have no trouble getting around the city.

3) The Weather Channel
Surprisingly, this app does more things than just check the weather. It can be used as a way to see weather related news, current delays on the transit as well as current delays in local airports, and can show great radar maps of the area. The radar is especially good when you want to get a glimpse of the weather in the next 3 hours.

4) Splitwise
I use this app to share the bill with my friends and to spit rent and utilities with my roommates. Honestly, splitting the bill not a fun thing to do amongst your friends and you have to do it quite a bit in the city if you are a person that goes out to eat a lot. This is a great way to simplify the step.

5) Starbucks
One thing about Chicago is that there is a Starbucks almost every other block. Using this app makes it easier to pay and get rewards with Starbucks.

Even though this is a small list, these apps can make your experience at DePaul much easier. Just don’t use them during class (unless you’re taking notes, etc.). My roommate actually uses his phone to record his professor. As long as you ask your professor first, it is totally allowed. Be resourceful!