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Hillary Clinton Came to Campus!

​Some people think that if you want to see a famous person, your best bet is to go to Hollywood. Even though that may be true for actors and actress, when it comes to everyone else, big cities like Chicago are great places to star-watch.

This week, I had a star-sighting. Personally, I am a person that has little care to start a tally of every famous person that I have seen, but this person was someone that was more than an actor or actress. Hillary Clinton is a woman that has influenced not only Chicago, not only the United States, not only the world, but the GALAXY (I’m talking about NASA…). If you didn’t know, Hillary Clinton’s childhood dream was to become an astronaut. She went as far as writing a letter to NASA inquiring about opportunities as a child.

Here is the picture I got of Hillary. Even though it is not the best picture, it is still pretty awesome.
Anyways, yes, Hillary Clinton was in the Loop Campus on Wednesday. She was in Chicago for a fundraising event for Pat Quinn, and decided to stop with Pat at DePaul to rally students to vote. DePaul is a very politically active university. Students and professors have no problem telling you their perspective on political issues and topics. I happen to like it. It not only gives you new perspectives, it makes you think.

No city in the States has a more fiery political system than Chicago. With multiple former mayors strapped in scandals, no city can match-up to Chicago politics. I personally know many students that have had internships with the city, for political campaigns (including Obama’s), and for think tanks. If you are interested in politics, DePaul can offer a fantastic backbone for you to act on your interest.