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Making Your Schedule

​One of my favorite parts about going to a large university is the ability to create your own schedule. Every quarter, I have wanted a different weekly schedule based on my job, goals, and lifestyle. DePaul makes it very easy to make your class schedule fit your needs. Here are some examples of ways I have molded my schedule to tailor to my desires:

1) Freshman year

​During my freshman year, I really wanted to get a solid friend group and equalize the social and educational aspects of college. Because of this, I took easier classes that were during the day so I would have the evenings to study and hang out with my friends. 

2) Sophomore year

In my sophomore year, I spent part of the time working. Because of this, I molded my school schedule into my work schedule by taking night classes and taking classes only two days a week. This was surprisingly easy to do, and even though I was very busy, I was able to effectively work a job and go to school at the same time. You would be surprised at how many DePaul students do this.

3) Junior year

During this year I had some extremely difficult classes to take at DePaul. Knowing this, I molded my schedule so I was taking classes when I was the most focused. Having a large amount of class options, I could schedule my classes so I took my tougher classes in the morning and my easier classes as night classes. I was also able to take a December intersession class so I had a lighter work load during my winter quarter.

4) Senior year

My senior year schedule was very interesting. I had to both complete my classes as well as take my CPA exam​. Luckily, DePaul has online classes and December break classes so I could match my study schedule with my school schedule.

All of these things made it so much easier to make my schooling the way I want it to be.