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My Service Trip to Alabama

This spring break I participated in my second Service Immersion trip with DePaul. Both times I attended these trips, I was blown away by the amount that I learned and the experiences I had. For this Spring Break, I went to Montgomery, Alabama. The theme was Civil Rights.

Firstly, I had never been to the south before so I was initially enticed to attend the trip to gain a new experience about life in the south and how topics such as discrimination and religion affect the present time.  Learning about Civil Rights in the epicenter of the Civil Rights movement was also something that I was extremely interested in.

Once we got to our service and living site, I was amazed. We stayed at Resurrection School, which was a private catholic school. Compared to my previous trip, we had beds to sleep on. That alone was enough to make me happy after a thirteen hour bus ride. We did a lot of service at the school such working with the kids, assisting the teachers, and helping Doyle, the school custodian.

We went to many museums and took many tours of colleges, nonprofit organizations and different cities. One of my favorite events was the peace dinner that we attended, which was hosted by the priest of the school. Here we met many past and current community activists. We even met Dr. King’s barber!

For me, it was important that what I learned I would be able to bring back to my community and I know that, through sharing my experiences, I will be able to do this. It is hard to explain these experiences, especially in a blog post. The effect that they have had on me is immense and I encourage all students to take advantage of them.