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Standardized Testing

​I was reading an article last week in Time Magazine that was talking about standardized testing and it got me thinking extensively about the topic with my friends and professors.

Almost every week, I spend around forty hours per week in the library studying for the CPA exam. I will be doing for almost 6 months straight in order to pass the four standardized tests required to become a CPA. It is interesting to think that tests such as these exist and are supposed to grade competency. I am sure many of you are studying for the ACT/SAT to get into college. If someone were to ask you if it is a good test on your academic ability, would you say yes? Most people would say no. I remember studying for days on end for the exam. It does not make much sense to me as it is nearly impossible to test a person’s academic ability based on a test.

This idea coincides with many of the standardized tests that kids and adults take. Our society has become obsessed with standardized tests, with some people being forced to change their entire life over exam scores. Hopefully society will soon learn its lesson and understand that a person should not be judged based on a number.

Luckily, DePaul has the test optional​ choice, where if you are not good at taking exams or think your score is not a reflection on your academic ability, you can complete other requirements in lieu of the exam. This is a feature that has been offered for a couple years now through the Office of Admission and it is a great thing to take advantage of, especially if you are displeased with your test scores. Therefore, don’t stress if you don’t have the highest score. Your acceptance should be more than just about your grades and your test scores.