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This weekend I decided to go and visit my sister up in Madison. As a DePaul student, there is really no need for a car as you can take the train to get around most of the city. When it comes to getting around the Midwest, I would recommend the Megabus.

The Megabus is a cheap way to get around the Midwest and you can get to basically any large city in the area. Every time that I take the Megabus, it is always very interesting. Sometimes you get a cool bus driver, sometimes you get a double-decker bus, and sometimes you get the front row seat up top.

You can use the Megabus to get home, to visit your family, or just to go on a mini vacation with your friends. Most of the buses have free WiFi and power outlets in every seat. One of the great things about being in Chicago at DePaul is that Chicago is one of Megabus' focus cities; therefore, the options are nearly endless for transportation.

If you want to get to a smaller city, you can take the Amtrak to cities throughout the Midwest as well. If you need to fly, Chicago is the hub for many of the airlines. Let me tell you, it is significantly easier to fly when you can get a nonstop flight, especially when you are flying into Chicago. It was actually something I considered when looking at schools. 

All of these modes of transportation can be accessed via the CTA, which is great because as a DePaul student you get a U-Pass which gives you access to any train or bus at no additional cost.

As I learned in my Discover Chicago class, Chicago is famous for its railroads and easy access. It is one of the main reasons that the city grew to what it is today. Even though some say Indiana is the Crossroads of America, I would venture to disagree and say that Chicago is the Crossroads of America.