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Things I Wish I Had Done

​​​​​College goes by really fast. One second you are a freshman learning how to use the train and the next second you are taking your last class. It is bittersweet that my undergraduate experience is coming to a close, but I am happy to say it has been an awesome experience. Even though I was able to do some awesome things in college, here are a few things I wish I had the time to do but sadly didn't:

1) Run the Chicago Marathon

This had been one of my goals since freshman year. If you have ever been to the Chicago Marathon​ as a spectator in Grant Park, you would understand how awesome the marathon is. To run a marathon is a huge accomplishment and even though I was unable to do it in college, I hope to be able to accomplish it in the future.

2) Stay at the Ray ​from open until close

I spend a lot of time at the gym. I always thought it would have been such a cool experience to spend all day there as there is food, study tables, fun people, games and gym equipment. What more do you need in a day?

3) Take a history class

One of the negatives of taking a double major is the fact that you have a lot of requirements that need to be accomplished. Even though DePaul gives you a lot of freedom by taking open electives, I had most of those completed by AP classes. As college has went by so quickly, I have not been able to take a history class which is a subject I am very interested in. I did, however, take a ton of classes that I loved as open electives so I guess there is just not enough time to take everything.

4) Go to the Holocaust Museum​

This is just a museum I thought would be an awesome experience, but never got around to seeing it. There are just so many museums in Chicago​ (and more coming) that it is really hard to hit all of them.

Being so busy with my major and classes, I was not able to plan a Study abroad trip. I know this will be a regret of mine.

Overall, college goes by fast. I guess I shouldn't be thinking about the things that I didn't do and start thinking about the things that I did do; but, I am writing this so you all don't miss some of the things that I missed out on.