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Three Thing I Wished I Had Know Before Coming to DePaul

​​​​1) You learn more outside of class than inside of class

Compared to high school, the amount of time you spend in a classroom is significantly less. All of this extra time gives you the opportunity try new things and utilize your time the way you want to. You will most likely have the most “free time” than you’ve ever had, and probably ever will. This free time should be used to
find internships, volunte
er, meet new friends, attend guest speakers, do homework, explore the city and
network. I wish I had known this so I could have planned what I wanted to do in my free time. Sure, a large amount of this time is spent doing homework. If I was given the opportunity to freshen up my time management skills, I would have been able to utilize my time better in the early years of my college career.
2) Take advantage of your professors

Your professors are there to help you. You would be in complete shock if you heard what they have done as a professor/ before becoming a professor. As a student you are paying a lot of money to go to college. It is important that you use every resource to improve yourself whether it be in your field of study or in life in general. Professors LOVE when you go and talk to them. I have had some awesome experiences with my
professors and it was all because I had taken the initiative to talk with them.

3) Do what makes you happy

Part of college is finding what you like and what you do not like. It is completely okay to change your major. It is completely okay to try multiple internships and jobs. Change is good. So many people are afraid to change their major and career path. As I said previously, college is about finding what you like. If you don’t like your classes, you cannot blame anyone but yourself. Luckily, DePaul has a ton of majors and classes that you can take while in college.