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Working Out at Depeaul

Some people have a really rough time getting to the gym. The excuse that you are too busy is not a good excuse. Every time you think you should go to the gym means your body wants you to go to the gym.
Here are some tips for getting yourself to exercise:
1)    Think about it positively
There are so many ways to work out. Everyone thinks they either need to run or lift. It is actually important that you mix up your workouts. Therefore, you should find a few things you ACTUALLY LIKE. Working out should be fun. When you were younger, your parents probably snuck exercise in your schedule by signing you up for soccer or forcing you to play outside. The Ray Meyer Fitness Center has four stories of options for you to choose from. Chicago has unlimited options for you to choose from.
2)    Put it in your schedule
If you wake up and plan a specific time to work out, it will motivate you to go. You do not have to work out every day; but, fitting time into your weekly schedule can make it easier for you to go.
3)    Eat Healthy
If you are not in the mood to work out, there is a good chance it is because your body is exhausted digesting the food that you ate. Try to focus on eating healthily. It will make you not only more effective in working out but in studying as well.
4)    Have a buddy
When you have a workout buddy, it helps to keep each other accountable for working out.
In my opinion, it is easier to work out in a city like Chicago than in a suburb or a rural area because there is a larger workout community and there are more places to run, work out, etc. A very large amount of students work out at DePaul and I really enjoy the community of people that I have met at the gym and have become friends with.
Below is a video of DePaul’s gym doing the Harlem Shake