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Do You Live 20 Minutes From the Beach?

If you’re a DePaul freshman and you live on campus, you get to answer "yes" to this question.

Before coming to college I certainly didn't live close to the beach​.  In fact, my backyard and entire surroundings were a corn field.  Then I came to DePaul.  My first week of college I probably went to the beach at least 3 times.  It's an easy 20 minute walk East on Fullerton Ave​ (see below).  If you like to run, bike, or just be outside, you'll be in heaven.
It's not that I only love the beach because I can get a sun tan and throw a Frisbee​ all day.  More importantly, I love the beach because it's a sanctuary to escape the fast paced life of college.  It's somewhere you can go and feel almost completely removed from the city.  Coming from a small town, there were times when I was overwhelmed in Chicago and needed some extra space.  I spent a good amount of time just staring at the lake and thinking.  There's also a nice path next to the lake perfect for running or biking.​

I took these pictures on a pretty stormy day, but they still capture the beauty of being so close to Lake Michigan.  ​
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