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Tom Hagerman

​I’m a senior studying chemistry at DePaul University with the intent to go to medical school. I’m from Rochester, Illinois, a small town outside of Springfield. I enjoy exploring the city, boating, and biking.  School takes up a lot of my time, but outside of the classroom I work for the chemistry department as a lab prepper and a course assistant.

My freshman year I lived in University Hall and had some of the best moments of my college career.  I worked as a Facilities Assistant on campus my sophomore and junior year and was provided with housing on campus (in Munroe Hall, also a pretty cool place to live).  I now live off the Sheridan red line with some of my best friends.  

I am proud to go to DePaul because I know that the education I am receiving here is making me a more well-rounded and aware person. DePaul is a unique, mission driven school that prepares students for the world that we live in. Before coming to DePaul, I didn’t know very much about the Vincentian mission, and I’ve only begun to scratch the surface.  I’m grateful for whatever landed me at DePaul and I know that it changed the course of my future in a positive way.  

Another reason I love DePaul is the individual attention that students receive from professors, staff, and faculty.  There’s absolutely a chance to get to know the professors in your department and to build a relationship with your professors.  I especially feel connected to the science department and peers in my classes. 

If you have any questions at all about what I write about or would like to hear more feel free to comment and I’ll get in touch.