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Biology vs. Chemistry Softball Game

Every year near the end of Spring Quarter the chemistry and biology departments face off in the “Crosstown Classic” for bragging rights as the best science.  Sadly, I’ll be leaving DePaul as a loser.  I’m on team chemistry, as a chemistry major, as we lost.  We had the lead most of the game, but bio came back in the 9th inning and took the lead.  ​

​​​I kind of feel like the game was a success because I hit the ball both times that I batted.  Growing up I was horrible at batting, and I was a bit nervous for my performance on the field.  The pitches were coming pretty slow and we used a 16 inch softball (huge) so we didn’t need to have gloves, yet, I’m still proud of our performance.     

At least 10 people on the chemistry team said that we need to do something like that more often.  We often get so caught up in school that we forget to take some time to relax and have fun, and it was a nice reminder how how fun the people (students and professors) can be outside of doing chemistry.  

We had a great time, but let’s hope chemistry can take the win next year.

Here we go, a little photo story follows:
There's Wish Field on the perfect day that we had.​

The match seemed pretty even in the beginning. There's Dr. Niedziela up to bat. I think I had a good run when I batted that deserved the handshake.
We scored 11 points in the second inning. It was looking pretty good for us.
Then I guess we started socializing too much...

Because in the last inning bio took the lead.
We still had a great time. There's team chemistry below!