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Don't Forget to Pack Your Bike

That's not me up there in the video.  If the rider took a right turn at about 1:45 (on Fullerton), in a couple of minutes they would have ended up at DePaul.​ 

I don't think I knew how to ride a bike (without training wheels) until I was at least in middle school.  Whenever it was, the point is that it was way later than almost all of my friends.  Because I was so behind I never really liked to ride my bike, until the last few years before turning 16 when not being able to drive was making me go crazy.  

At the start of my sophomore year at DePaul I convinced my dad to let me bring his bike up to Chicago.  I went out and got a nice lock because I knew that bikes are like gold in the city.  Turns out he would probably regret that decision because a few months later my bike (my dad's bike) got stolen.  It was locked up to the rusty fence outside my apartment one night and the next day the bike was gone.  There was also a piece of our fence missing that someone sawed through.  

I found a new bike on craigslist after mourning for a month and got back to riding almost every day.  It's one of my favorite ways to explore the city and find new things to do.  It's perfect for some alone time and for experiencing the city with friends.  Some of my favorite moments riding have been really late at night when there aren't too many cars on the street.  Biking is a great way to jump between study spots, quickly drop off a rent check, get to a friends apartment, or just to let loose and get away from campus once in a while.  Definitely bring a bike to school and get out there to explore the city.​