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My X-Favorite Season

From the time I was 11 years old until I graduated high school I volunteered at a haunted house in my hometown.  While the work always started during the summer, it makes sense that the excitement mostly took place in October.  Because of the haunted house, the fall has always been a time of the year that I look forward to.  Even after coming to college and leaving the haunted house behind, I still get good feelings about the fall.  So, fall is my favorite season if I’m back at home in Rochester, IL.  I called this post my x-favorite season because since coming to Chicago I can’t deny that the summer is heaven here.  But I do love it here in the fall, so don’t get me wrong. 

One of my favorite parts about fall quarter is family weekend.  My family and my friends’ families have come for three family weekends now and they have been a blast.  These weekends are one of the highlights of fall quarter because it’s so nice to have a weekend dedicated to spending time showing my parents the things that I’m experiencing at college.  In the past my parents have rented a house with my friend Delaney’s parents for the weekend.  It actually ends up being more economical than a hotel and the house always serves as a gathering place.  We generally end up spending a lot of time all together and we have a blast doing it.

Here’s a little flashback to sophomore year Family Weekend. My dog even got to come!
A more distinctive part of every fall for me is trying to get back into the swing of school.  Autumn quarter is always hard to adjust to after a nice summer break, and it feels like it ends just a couple of weeks after I’ve finally gotten used to being in school.  This quarter is no exception to that trend.  It’s soon to be the 9th week of school (of 11 weeks including finals) and I am just starting to feel like I’ve adjusted to being back in school.  It could be the quarter system that’s causing this, but it’s likely just a personal issue.  Whatever it is, I should warn you for the whirlwind of the autumn quarter.  It’s more of a reminder that there’s a lot to our experience in college, and it’s not time that should be wasted even though it feels busy.  I’ve especially been reminded through the hustle of this fall quarter how important it is to take a break from school-work and make sure that I am experiencing life as a college student, seeing friends, and enjoying the city.