I Got a Pedicure... And Then a Manicure...

No, I didn't get them painted
Well, this weekend I found myself doing something somewhat unexpected.  But it was incredible.  Jeez it was great. 
I went to get a pedicure with my friend Brett at a local shop.  The two women that helped us out were awesome.  You should know that I have a little thing with feet, in that I really like feet.  I like getting foot massages from friends and I don't mind touching other people's feet besides maybe my dad's.  Sorry dad.

But it was so nice to have a time dedicated to my feet.  My feet were really happy for it.  They got to soak in some hot water and were massaged by JoJo.  She got rid of some old skin and trimmed up my toenails, something I don't really do besides when I eat my toenails. Just kidding about eating toenails.

The pedicure felt so good that we decided we might as well get a manicure too.  It was pretty nice.  My fingers never get attention either and JoJo could tell.  Halfway through the manicure portion of the evening I asked JoJo what time they closed and realized they had stayed about an hour after they were supposed to because we didn't check to see when they closed and they were too nice to tell us.  I felt horrible but I made sure to tip her well.  But, for any future DePaul students, I must say that the place we went to was very nice.  The women were incredibly sweet and it was a really relaxing atmosphere.

Overall, it won't be the last time I visit JoJo.  I think I might need to make another visit around finals week.