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Laundry and P-Chem

​This past week my room smelled so bad that my roommates did my laundry.  I don’t know if I should be embarrassed or just happy that they did my laundry.  Unfortunately, my room is right next to the front door, so it’s hard to go by and not pick up any odors, good or bad.  I’m not sure that it actually smelt bad, but they thought so.  

I called this blog post laundry and p-chem because they are actually pretty related for me right now.  I’m in the first quarter of two (for me, because I’m a biochemistry/medicinal chemistry concentration) of physical chemistry, more specifically called quantum chemistry, and it’s perhaps taken a toll on my personal hygiene.  I’m not some disgusting person that never does laundry, you should know that.  I simply got a little behind.  

Every chemistry major gets to have this experience, some just may keep up with their laundry better than others.  I wanted to write about p-chem because it has a silly reputation as being a crazy impossible class.  In fact, it might convince some people to not be chemistry majors, and that’s unfortunate.  Physical chemistry is really a quite advanced version of general chemistry where you finally begin to explore the WHY of many of the things that you are just told in general chemistry.  I wouldn’t say that it’s my favorite chemistry class that I’ve ever taken, but I am beginning to appreciate the concepts that we are talking about.  The reason I switched to chemistry was to have a more concrete and focused understanding of biological processes, and physical chemistry so far has been very relevant to everything else I’ve learned as a chemistry major.  It hasn’t been a walk in the park, but I know that I’ll be appreciative of the concepts that I have learned.  And, maybe I will even pick up a regular laundry schedule once it’s all over!

I would put a picture of the state of my room on here, but you don’t want to see that.