MCAT Bootcamp

​I promise this is my last every post about the MCAT.  Just one more.  

This summer was a bit lame for me, as I spent 10 weeks studying hardcore for the MCAT.  I took the test a couple of days before school started this quarter, and therefore ended up spending all but about a week of my summer studying for the MCAT.

Apart from the psychological experience of trying to figure out what score I was going to get, it was actually a pretty worthwhile experience.  It was the first time I had every really condensed everything I was learning in my classes (even in high school) into concrete knowledge and a basic understanding of the body.  The other day in lab we were talking about mass spectrometry, and I made a connection to physics principles that I wouldn’t have made had I not studied MCAT physics.  It was the first time that I really had to bring together material from multiple disciplines.

My good friend/current roommate Delaney was studying for the MCAT at the same time I was, except she was in Cincinnati (at home).  It was incredibly nice to have a friend to relate to and to go through the experience with.  My test date was a week before hers, and I swear we were going through the same emotions just a week apart.  

Now that the MCAT is all over, I’ll share a couple of things specific to DePaul that might be useful if you’re going to have to take the MCAT at some point.  Everyone and their mom will give you their advice for the MCAT and tell you everything you “should” do, so take everything I say lightly (some of what I say may not even apply to the new MCAT).  

  • If you can, avoid trying to study during school.  It seems hard to focus on the MCAT and your regular classes at the same time, and you don’t want your GPA to suffer.  I’ve been told that med schools care, in addition to many other things, about two numbers: your MCAT and your GPA.  You don’t want to let them both suffer.

  • Find a study friend; not necessarily to study with but someone who you can talk about the test with, or about how the last practice test you took was hard.  I thankfully had about 20 people to vent with.

  • Take your general science classes seriously and try to learn instead of memorize content, because you’ll just have to memorize the content again for the MCAT if you didn’t learn it the first time through.
My MCAT class comrades; this is the room I spent most of my summer in…

Happy studying!