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Well, now that I’m a junior it’s time that I get serious about studying for the MCAT.  This coming Wednesday I have my interview with the Pre-Health Advising Committee (PAC)  to get a committee letter of recommendation.  I started the process with the PAC at the beginning of this quarter when I submitted an application packet, a personal statement, and four letters of recommendation to the committee.  My interview this Wednesday will be the final step in getting a committee letter. 
I’m registered to take the MCAT August 28th, which gives me about 15 weeks to study.  I am taking a class through the Princeton Review this summer, but I know there is a lot to do on my own.  I only want to take the test once so it’s pretty important to me to really buckle down.  I’ve created a study schedule for these last four weeks of school and the two weeks of the summer before I start my class.  

My classes at DePaul have helped prepare me for the MCAT, and now it's really time to devote my personal time to areas that I need it the most (definitely physics).  I've gotten help from the pre-health adviser at DePaul as well as other students that have gone through the process.  Talking to other students has been really helpful because they understand the reality of juggling classes with studying for the MCAT.  

I'll keep you updated on my PAC committee letter interview this Wednesday and explain more about that process in the future.​