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Pre-Test Routine

Given that I've had about three exams in the past couple of weeks, it seems appropriate to talk about my pre-test routine.  As a science major you're bound to have more exams than papers, so it's not a bad idea to develop a routine sooner rather than later.  I started to develop a routine when I was in the biochemistry year-long sequence.  We had exams pretty often, and I found that when I had a little bit of regularity before the exams I was more relaxed during the exam. 

Here are the steps to my pre-test routine:

A Couple of Days Before Test:
I make a playlist of 3-4 songs that get me pumped.  These might be songs that help me relax or songs that get my blood flowing.  I posted the two songs on my playlist for my most recent p-chem final below.

The Night Before:
I generally start studying pretty hard core for an exam one week out, so the night before I try to stay relaxed and just review the most important concepts.  In the days leading up to the test I make notes (no more than 10 pages total) of the most important things.  I try to look at that sheet when I'm on the train, and I'll always make sure to look at the list again before the test.  The night before an exam I try to get 6ish hours of sleep.  I want to be able to tell myself that I worked hard, but I also want to make sure my brain is awake for the exam.  I try to tell myself the night before that I've worked hard and have learned the things I need to already.  

The Morning Of:
 If it's a morning test I will get up a little bit early to study (maybe 30 minutes).  If it's an afternoon exam I take whatever time I have to go over any materials that the instructor made (like worksheets or old homework).  After all, they are the person writing the test. I try to get in their mind and think about what they might ask me.

An Hour Before:
ICED COFFEE! I never fail to grab a small iced coffee just before the test.  It gives me a burst of energy, and maybe at this point I just need it for a sense of security.  I try to bring some walnuts or almonds for during the test, if the professor will let you eat.  Water, too – I hate when I forget to grab a water bottle for during the test.  Sometimes it's nice to just sit back in your chair, take a little break from the test, and have a big gulp of water.

10 Minutes Before:
One thing I've learned to avoid is getting to the classroom early on a test day.  It's always a little stressful in the room and I don't like to be around that right before I'm about to take a test.  Ten minutes before the test I crank up my playlist, pretty much as loud as my headphones will go, and jam out.  Sometimes I like to watch a video or look at pictures that make me happy.  It's always nice to go in to the test feeling positive and energized. 

So, if you don't yet have a pre-test ritual I'd recommend that you figure out whatever puts you in the best mood in the hours before an exam.  I like to listen to music and sip on coffee, but maybe you'd prefer something else.  Whatever it is, I'm pretty sure you'll be thankful for having a ritual already in place. That way, there's no need to get freaked out or anxious about the test.

Here are my pre-test songs for my most recent exam.